Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

The Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) market holds significant importance in the Canadian economy. These businesses represent the lion's share of Canada's corporate revenues and generate over 50% of the total Canadian employment payroll. They represent an important engine of growth within the Canadian economy.

The majority of SMEs are physically present in a single location, whether it be home based or out of rented / owned premises. This makes them much more vulnerable to losses as the result of a major disaster or catastrophic incident. In most cases, they cannot easily mitigate their risk to such events as they often do not have excess capacity and/or backup resources located at alternate facilities or branch offices.

We live in uncertain times!

In addition to the day to day pressures of operating a small business, you are now faced with more extreme natural disasters and a new variety of human induced threats. We as a community have faced a number of events that have disrupted businesses - e.g. Power Outage 2005, SARS 2005, Hurricane Juan 2003, Ice storm 1998, Red River floods of 1997 and 2009.

As a small business owner, you are much more vulnerable than the larger organization. If your site is inaccessible, you do not have multiple locations to act as backup sites for doing business. Do you have a preparedness plan on how you would carry on, during or after a major incident?

If there is no tested plan in place, up to 86% of small/medium sized businesses fail within 3 years of a major incident.

B-ReadyNow B-ReadyNow addresses the issues faced by small businesses - time, money and resources. We have written the program in the language of small business owners, not the complicated professional business continuity language. It is easy to use, uncomplicated and cost affordable - with explanations of the importance of a business disruption plan and coaching throughout the process.