Non-Profit Organization Preparedness

Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) contribute significantly to the social and econmic well being of Canada. According to Imagine Canada (2006) here are a few facts and figures about that contribution:

  • 160,000 non-profit organizations in Canada
  • Chartiable and non-profit sector is the third largest employer in Canada, after manufacturing and trade
  • Employs more than 2 million paid staff
  • Generate almost $80 billion in revenues
  • Volunteers are critical components of non-profit organization's economic activity
  • Deliver key services to Canadians, including many services on behalf of the government
  • Report revenues equal to $112 billion
  • Core non-profit sector accounted for 2.4% of Canada's economic activity

Those numbers clearly demonstrate that many Canadians and all levels of government depend on you.

We live in uncertain times!

In addition to the day to day pressures of operating a non-profit organization, you are now faced with more extreme natural disasters and a new variety threats (i.e. recesssion, H1N1, etc) that are putting more pressure on your organization to deliver services to a great number of people in the community.

Do you have a plan on how you would carry on, during or after a major incident? - if not begin the
process today.

B-ReadyNow B-ReadyNow addresses the issues faced by small businesses - time, money and resources. We have written the program in the language of small business owners, not the complicated professional business continuity language. It is easy to use, uncomplicated and cost affordable - with explanations of the importance of a business disruption plan and coaching throughout the process.