The Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness (CCEP) is a federally incorporated, not-for-profit organization based in Burlington, Ontario.

Our Purpose:

  • Provide assistance to the disaster management community through consultation, access to information and the delivery of applicable programs and services
  • Be a national advocate for disaster resilient communities across Canada
  • Provide leadership to Canada's disaster management community as its premier advocate
  • Foster soundly researched public policy that reflects the interests of a more disaster resilient Canada
  • Foster the establishment and maintenance of professional standards, best practices and certification for the disaster management community
  • Influence government policy in a positive, visible, consistent and representative manner
  • Improve communications between the disaster management community, private sector and all levels
    of government
  • Liaise with the international disaster management community as Canada's premier advocate

Our Operating Principles:

  • Respect the rights, differences, and dignity of its staff and all stakeholders
  • Demonstrate financial responsibility and accountability to our members at all times
  • Policies as aggressively and publicly as possible
  • Consult regularly with the disaster management community
  • Attempt to increase its partnerships and strengthen our resource base at all times
  • Ensure effective and timely communication with members
  • Demonstrate high ethical standards and integrity in all it does
  • Utilize Board, Advisory board, and membership resources to further our aims