Correct Solutions Canada

James Young

Dr. Young has held prominent positions during numerous national and international disasters and emergencies. Currently he is President of his consulting firm Correct Solutions. His last government position was as Special Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Public Safety Canada. In this capacity, he provided advice to the government of Canada to promote a seamless national emergency management system.

As Ontario's former Commissioner of Emergency Management, Dr. Young provided leadership on a number of unprecedented provincial emergencies including SARS, the power blackout and the ice storm. Dr Young was involved in the Government of Canada response at 911, the Bali bombing and the tsunami. As Chief Coroner of Ontario for fourteen years he was also involved in Ontario, national and international forensic investigations. He has led International teams investigated politically sensitive deaths in places like Nigeria, Columbia and Kazakhstan. In recognition for his emergency management efforts and his role as one of Canada's foremost forensic scientists, he was honoured with the Order of Ontario in 2005.